Zero Two Episode 32: If I Only Had A Heart

In this episode, BlackWargreymon and Agumon discuss existential philosophy while Mummymon wants to blow up a giant rock just to see what happens.

Zero Two Episode 31: Opposites Attract

In this episode, Kari and Yolei fall into a rough spot and end up getting a bit physical with each other. Aww yeah.

Zero Two Episode 30: Ultimate Anti-Hero

In this episode, Arukinemon's gonna try that “create a Digimon that can kick your ass” thing. After all, it worked so well when Ken did it.

Zero Two Episode 29: Arukenimon's Tangled Web

In this episode, the digidestined turn the tables on Arukenimon with help from the usual sources- air conditioning, a salt shaker and Pro Tools.

Zero Two Episode 28: The Insect Master's Trap

In this episode, Arukenimon asks the digidestined to walk into an obvious trap. They head right on in, knowing full well that it is a trap. Shockingly, they end up trapped.