Zero Two Episode 37: Kyoto Dragon

In this episode, the dragon. You gotta unleash the dragon. Plot dump time!

Zero Two Episode 36: Stone Soup

In this episode, it's not so much a race to the final destiny stone as it is a race to waste as much time as possible before the final showdown.

Zero Two Episode 35: Cody Takes A Stand

In this episode, Cody meticulously investigates TK's anger issues but blindly throws himself at BlackWargreymon's mercy based on vague, second-hand information.

Zero Two Episode 34: Destiny In Doubt

In this episode, Cody starts to get suspicious of Angry TK as not even a miracle evolution can keep the team from failing.

Zero Two Episode 33: A Chance Encounter

In this episode, weaknesses between the two worlds are apparent in Kyoto, where Yolei just so happens to be visiting. She just so happens to find Sora's dad and Joe's brother, who just so happen to be researching this.