Frontier Episode 27: Stuck In Sakkakumon With You

In this episode, one of the more awkward cases of deus ex machina saves Koji- Bokomon's water breaking.

Digimon Frontier: Ending 1

In this episode, the first Frontier ending theme, more conventions and season two on DVD.

Frontier Episode 26: Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure

In this episode, a woman's worth is measured not by her beauty or the kindness in her heart, but in how many fanboys she has.

Frontier Episode 25: The Dark Heart of Friendship

In this episode, Tommy's over-dependence on others is contrasted with Koji's insistence on going solo. Neither is a factor when they're beating up the bad guys.

Frontier Episode 24: Alone But Never Alone

In this episode, JP has to confront doubts about having friends. Once the enemy poses, amplifies and exaggerates such doubts to an unrecognizable proportion, that is.