Appmon Episode 17: Eri's Copy-Pasted Everywhere? Restore the Dream Concert!

In this episode, Mienumon tries to interfere with Eri’s growing popularity by turning her into a viral sensation. Not sure she quite understands this villainy thing.

Appmon Episode 16: A Message From Across 'Time!' The Truth of the App Drives!

In this episode, you know the protagonist is uniquely inquisitive and the show’s bursting with ideas when it’s already time for the blatant plot dump.

Appmon Episode 15: You See the Whole Future?! The Mysterious Divinator, Tellermon!

In this episode, the reliability of a fortune-telling app divides Eri and Astora… even further. The twist is that the app translates hard data and noise into accurate predictions, so Eri’s maybe not totally… nah, can’t say it.

Appmon Episode 14: The City-Wide Puzzle Game?! Puzzlemon's Rampage!

In this episode, a rampaging puzzle game helps remind us of all the charms and quirks of our delightful cast. The real puzzle is figuring out why anyone thought we forgot who these weirdos are.

Digimon Universe App Monsters: Ending 1

In this episode, we celebrate finishing the first quarter of Appmon by… slacking off for the weekend and not doing much of anything.