tri. Episode 04: Reunion, Part Four

In this episode, as the current situation gets more and more dangerous, the cast of Digimon takes out its frustrations by obliterating Palette Town.

tri. Episode 03: Reunion, Part Three

In this episode, the gang tries picking up the pieces and making sense of what's happening. They do this by picking fights, crushing on each other, and light software development.

tri. Episode 02: Reunion, Part Two

In this episode, with Kuwagamon terrorizing town, Taichi is thrilled to get support from Agumon. He's less sure what to make of the support from organized and networked calligraphy teachers.

tri. Episode 01: Reunion, Part One

In this episode, an older, more mature team deals with important issues like fighting for the attention of friends, cell phone disruptions, and expensive airfare. At some point there might be Digimon in this Digimon movie.