Zero Two Episode 24: If I had a Tail Hammer

In this episode, a new evolution for Armadillomon is ignored thanks to a mysterious lady haunting Ken, the symbolism of Go-Gurt and the dodgiest scene in the dub thus far.

Zero Two Episode 23: Genesis of Evil

In this episode, Ken's left trying to rebuild himself. In order to do so, he has to figure out how it all became undone in the first place.

Zero Two Episode 22: Davis Cries Wolfmon

In this episode, Davis traverses the dark and familiar path of forcing a new evolution out of his partner. Like Tai before him, he learns the painful lesson of... wait, it worked?! 

Zero Two Episode 21: The Crest of Kindness

In this episode, after a sloppy climactic sequence, Ken loses his base, his partner, his creation and his mind. Oh, and his awesome supervillain costume too.

Zero Two Episode 20: The Darkness Before Dawn

In this episode, the digidestined use an oil fire to get into Ken's base, only to discover that Ken's base is being powered by the golden plot device that is key to defeating him.

Zero Two Episode 19: An Old Enemy Returns

In this episode, blah blah evil whirlpool, blah blah Devimon, blah blah Kimeramon... GOOD GOD TK GOES BADASS!! Takes a whip to the face and then just... bam!

Zero Two Episode 18: Run Yolei Run

In this episode, Yolei's worried about the upcoming assault on the Emperor's base, so she psyches herself up to the point where she sabotages the mission.

Zero Two Episode 17: Ghost of a Chance

In this episode, a haunting at the TV station means the return of the most beloved character in season one. That's right... HIROAKI ISHIDA!