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Digimon Adventure: (2020): Opening 1

In this episode, we’re overhauling the schedule a bit to provide regular coverage of the new rebooted Adventure series! With that comes a new Patreon to support us!

Appmon Episode 26: I'm a Protagonist?! My First Meeting with Gatchmon!

In this episode, after Adventure stepped dangerously close to the line and Savers danced around it twice, Appmon smashes through completely and gives us a full-fledged insufferable recap. But at least the new opening’s a banger!

Digimon Universe Appmonsters: Opening 1

In this episode, we preview the newest Digimon series scrutinizing artificial intelligence and how much of our lives revolve around mobile apps. Naturally it’s licensed right as we all got addicted to Re:Arise.

Digimon Adventure tri.: Opening

In this episode/movie, we offer initial thoughts on the tri. episode/movie series as a whole and hopefully sort out this whole episode/movie alternate dimension business.

Digimon Xros Wars: Opening 3

In this episode, we leap straight into The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time! If Digimon ever really was going to be a Pokémon ripoff... this is probably what it would look like.

Digimon Fusion: Opening 2

*deep breath* IN! THIS! EPISODE! We prep for a dub that struggles to acknowledge the reality of death and its new season whose primary theme is... acknowledging the reality of death.

Digimon Fusion: Opening 1

In this episode, we stare into an uncertain future stricken with an unreliable dub, an unfamiliar evolution mechanic, and unprecedented amounts of autotune.

Digimon Data Squad: Opening 2

In this episode, we're doing “Hirari” a little early because I was on vacation this weekend. So there.

Digimon Data Squad: Opening 1

In this episode, we take four seasons of traditions and expectations and punch them in the face. It's showtime!

Digimon Frontier: Opening

In this episode, before we deconstruct this season's massive flaws, we stop to appreciate its awesome opening. 

Digimon Adventure 02: Opening

In this episode, a jump into the future with new characters, new evolutions and a new opening!

Digimon Adventure: Opening

In this episode, the Japanese opening and some basic structure and insight as we begin Digimon Adventure. You're mostly here for the Japanese opening.