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Tamers Episode 37: No Mon Is an Island

In this episode, Terriermon's the one with the concussion, but Henry's the one all screwed up in the head.

Tamers Episode 27: Motorcycle Madness

In this episode, the kids deal with a possessed bike in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated and unimportant subplot, Impmon sells his soul to the devil.

Tamers Episode 24: The Journey Begins

In this episode, the tamers settle their affairs before heading into the Digital World. That includes talking to parents and teachers, then figuring out how the hell to get in.

Tamers Episode 17: Duel with the Deva

In this episode, not only did Henry's dad have a hand in the creation of Digimon, so did a mysterious man trying to influence events by giving random kids trading cards in Akihabara. 

Tamers Episode 11: Much Ado About Musyamon

In this episode, remember when Henry let Terriermon fight and Takato looked like he knew what he was doing? Yeah, about that...

Tamers Episode 04: It Came From the Other Side

In this episode, being a pacifist who refuses to let his Digimon fight isn't a whole lot better than Rika's little bloodsport.