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tri. Movie #4: Loss [Dub]

In this movie, we’re left to work out whether a major reveal is important information worthy of discussion... or the dub just going off-script again.

Zero Two Episode 39: Dramon Power

In this episode, Prequel Gennai drops in to bestow some powers and give some marching orders. Meanwhile, Davis and Ken are busy doing all the work.

Zero Two Episode 27: Fusion Confusion

In this episode, after witnessing the massively powerful Paildramon, Izzy ruins it by adding further complications to the massively convoluted plot.

Adventure Episode 28: It's All In The Cards

In this episode, the digidestined finally meet Gennai in person. He explains how they can return to the real world: they have to play a children's card game.

Adventure Episode 17: The Crest of Sincerity

In this episode, Sora and Mimi run around wearing towels as they battle a giant cock monster who had hardened his male opponents. Yes, this is still a kids show.