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Fusion Episode 43: Great Fusion! The Power of Friendship

In this episode, Christopher learns the sort of valuable life lessons that only come with ordering the murder of his own Digimon.

Fusion Episode 42: Deep Trouble in Canyon Land!

In this episode, Christopher is shocked when his blatant disregard for his allies and a false sense of strategic superiority is countered by Gravimon's blatant disregard for his allies and false sense of strategic superiority.

Fusion Episode 34: Hang on, Greymon! The Rise of Shoutmon DX

In this episode, who needs angels and arrows when all it takes to defeat NeoMyotismon is a hundred dead Lopmon?

Fusion Episode 33: Vampire Land and the Moonlight General

In this episode, it turns out that Christopher's tactical approach of firing everything he's got at everything he sees has a few minor flaws when integrating teammates.

Fusion Episode 32: Take a Stand, Christopher! Fusion Fighters' Rescue Mission!

In this episode, of all the wily tricks they pull on Dorbickmon, Christopher manages to defeat him using the same power that was totally ineffective the day before. 

Fusion Episode 31: Back to the Digital World! Hot Time in Dragonland!

In this episode, while Christopher has endured the lengthy, brutal conquest and transformation of the Digital World, Mikey shows up and finds himself in inescapable mortal peril after about five minutes.

Fusion Episode 25: Showdown in Shaky Town!

In this episode, endangering hundreds of innocents and leaving them to die somehow makes Christopher look awesome.

Fusion Episode 19: Rumble in the Jungle Zone!

In this episode, just about everybody's pretty sick of Nene being the main character and will go to extreme lengths to steal the spotlight. 

Fusion Episode 18: Welcome to the Jungle Zone!

In this episode, while AxeKnightmon and Nene continue to carry out their scheming, Lilamon is busy shipping Jeremy and Angie. Nice to see the show acknowledging its fanfic community!

Fusion Episode 10: The Rival Champions!

In this episode, we seriously regret using all our good Christopher Walken references back in that one episode of Frontier.

Fusion Episode 03: A Rival Appears

In this episode, MadLeomon dies, putting to rest the popular myth that he was ever a competent general.