Adventure: (2020) Episode 21: The Tide-Turning Update

In this episode, with Takeru free and hopping through suspicious craters on his own, it’s up to Taichi to pull the win out of his own ass this time.

Adventure: (2020) Episode 20: The Seventh One Awakens

In this episode, the big operation to rescue Takeru goes off… very smoothly actually, considering everything. Sure Angemon ends up dead, but that was so inevitable there’s no point asking why.

Adventure: (2020) Episode 19: Howl, Jyuoken

In this episode, the plot armor is so strong and the enemies feel so non-threatening that even Leomon feels comfortable making an appearance.

Adventure: (2020) Episode 18: Countdown to Tokyo's Annihilation

In this episode, the team is exhausted but a new, nasty Mega Digimon threatens to destroy Tokyo! Can they muster the strength to overcome this seemingly impossible situation? LOL no, it’s the feather brigade to the rescue again!

Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna

In this movie, after three series Digimon Adventure reaches a grand finale, a touching conclusion to Tai’s epic journey where he’s finally dragged kicking and screaming into adulthood.