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Frontier Episode 40: The Bully Pulpit

In this episode, the group runs into a second set of kids that are somehow even bigger assholes than they used to be.

Frontier Episode 25: The Dark Heart of Friendship

In this episode, Tommy's over-dependence on others is contrasted with Koji's insistence on going solo. Neither is a factor when they're beating up the bad guys.

Frontier Episode 18: Trailmon vs. Trailmon

In this episode, an homage to Wacky Races. Because it's not like there's anything important like the imminent deletion of the world going on or anything. We got time for Muttley.

Frontier Episode 17: Bizarre Bazaar

In this episode, the hunt for the stolen D-Tectors takes the kids through the streets of nostalgia for seasons we actually liked.

Frontier Episode 09: Welcome to My Nightmare

In this episode, Kumamon is far more effective fighting his friends than he is fighting his enemies.

Frontier Episode 07: Island of Misfit Boys

In this episode, Takuya confronts Koji about his one major character weakness: being a dick to children.

Frontier Episode 03: Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire

In this episode, in a desperate attempt to make Tommy appear useful, here's a tribe with a penchant for doing it wrong and an element that makes Tommy's spirit super effective.

Frontier Episode 01: All Aboard

In this episode, a bunch of disagreeable, unhappy children are dropped in the middle of a decaying world with no instructions and no way to defend themselves.