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Data Squad Episode 47: The Data Squad's Final Battle!

In this episode, the battle to save humanity turns into an outright revolt against the monarchy.

Data Squad Episode 44: Human Potential!

In this episode, Marcus and company prove once and for all that humanity's greatest strength is sneaking up for a combined attack on its enemies.

Data Squad Episode 41: Father and Son Destiny

In this episode, after Kentaurosmon's dramatic rescue that brought Marcus and company out of the Digital World safely, Marcus decides to pop right back in.

Data Squad Episode 40: The Royal Knights Assemble

In this episode, everybody's back for the big final arc! Omnimon! Magnamon! Gallantmon! Spencer's dad! Gotsumon! Guess which one's not evil.

Data Squad Episode 39: King Drasil's Fatal Decision!

In this episode, King Drasil offers a reminder that yes, Kurata was pretty damn evil and that he's going to be a tough act to follow now that he's dead.

Digital Monster: X-Evolution

In this movie, Leomon dies. Dorumon lives... and the ruling powers have a real problem with this.

Frontier Episode 47: When Knights Fall...

In this episode, Lucemon is not only a selfish, sadistic megalomaniac... he's also a total kill stealer.

Frontier Episode 44: Now You See It, Now You Don't

In this episode, Gotsumon joins the party, and despite his small size proves to be just as successful as our mighty heroes. In other words, they lose again.

Frontier Episode 42: Glean Eggs And Scram

In this episode, Babies! Gonna kill so many Babies! FOUR HUNDRED BABIES!!

Frontier Episode 41: Jerks And The Beanstalk

In this episode, part one in a series where the goalposts are moved so far forward that the conditions for victory become “nobody dies.”

Frontier Episode 39: The Man In The Moon Is You

In this episode, the gang is stranded on the moon and Takuya's solution is casting magic missile at the darkness.