Adventure: (2020) Episode 58: Hikari, New Life

In this episode, Hikari and Tailmon make it perfectly clear that this is their fight and no one, including Taichi, is going to hijack it.

Adventure: (2020) Episode 57: Contact From the Catastrophe

In this episode, Algomon forces Agumon to identify the true Taichi based on his unique personality traits. Yeah, even Agumon isn’t going to figure that out.

Adventure: (2020) Episode 56: The Gold Wolf of the Crescent Moon

In this episode, Gabumon takes it upon himself to risk his neck to end an ancient curse, knowing there’s a cool alternate evolution at the other end of it.

Adventure: (2020) Episode 55: The Digimon School Under Attack

In this episode, Mimi learns that the true meaning of sincerity is shutting up and quietly tolerating a toxic situation she doesn’t enjoy.