Frontier Episode 08: The Odd One Out

In this episode, JP and Zoe meet a Tsunomon getting picked on in school for hitting a growth spurt. They'd love to help, but making friends at school isn't exactly their strong suit.

Frontier Episode 07: Island of Misfit Boys

In this episode, Takuya confronts Koji about his one major character weakness: being a dick to children.

Frontier Episode 06: A Molehill Out Of A Mountain

In this episode, the Legendary Warriors barter their heroics for food... with a tribe that considers any Legendary Warriors evil.

Frontier Episode 05: Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon

In this episode, JP is vindicated, becomes the clutch hero and receives his long-awaited prize... all while continuing to make an ass of himself.

Frontier Episode 04: Kazemon Kicks It

In this episode, the kids learn a valuable lesson about why you should never split the party.

Frontier Episode 03: Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire

In this episode, in a desperate attempt to make Tommy appear useful, here's a tribe with a penchant for doing it wrong and an element that makes Tommy's spirit super effective.

Frontier Episode 02: Lobomon: Warrior of Light

In this episode, it doesn't take long for the show to establish that Koji is better than all four of the other kids combined.

Frontier Episode 01: All Aboard

In this episode, a bunch of disagreeable, unhappy children are dropped in the middle of a decaying world with no instructions and no way to defend themselves.

Digimon Frontier: Opening

In this episode, before we deconstruct this season's massive flaws, we stop to appreciate its awesome opening.