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Adventure: (2020) Episode 19: Howl, Jyuoken

In this episode, the plot armor is so strong and the enemies feel so non-threatening that even Leomon feels comfortable making an appearance.

tri. Episode 08: Determination, Part Four

In this episode, Leomon dies. Just... probably not in the way we expected.

Fusion Episode 03: A Rival Appears

In this episode, MadLeomon dies, putting to rest the popular myth that he was ever a competent general.

Data Squad Episode 46: The Truth About BanchoLeomon!

In this episode, BanchoLeomon dies. In the most incredible, manly and ultimately ineffective way possible.

Data Squad Episode 29: How To Fix A Broken Digivice

In this episode, a bunch of training dummies somehow just don't draw as much anger out of the trio as the Bio-Hybrids do.

Data Squad Episode 28: Digivice Meltdown

In this episode, the Data Squad meets BanchoLeomon's challenge to find more power... and overclock their digivices in the process. 

Tamers Episode 21: Jeri's Quest

In this episode, an innocent girl gets caught up in a battle between a rat and an orange cat. The Chinese Zodiac is prominently involved.

Adventure Episode 08: Evil Shows His Face

In this episode, Devimon, Ogremon and Leomon act out an old samurai movie, stilted dialogue and all. Tai and them just stand around in their underwear watching.