Fusion Episode 05: Thanks for the DigiCards!

In this episode, Mikey and Shoutmon are only able to survive because of the rather ambivalent giant whale that supports the entire island.

Fusion Episode 04: Island Zone in Chaos!

In this episode, Mikey's answer to a naval assault is send his army into the water and hijack a battleship. Shockingly, his army isn't as prepared for underwater combat as Neptunemon's navy.

Fusion Episode 03: A Rival Appears

In this episode, MadLeomon dies, putting to rest the popular myth that he was ever a competent general.

Fusion Episode 02: He is Shoutmon, Hear Him Roar!

In this episode, Shoutmon has to fend off not only a resurgent MadLeomon army, but also the two barnacles his savior dragged along with him.