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Fusion Episode 48: Beelzemon's Revenge

In this episode, despite all the victories in the world, Mikey realizes it's impossible for everyone to leave Underworld alive. Turns out Underworld isn't all that picky about who it takes.

Fusion Episode 47: The Battle of The Young Generals

In this episode, Ewan and Mikey have a swordfight where they try to pierce the rose on the other's chest. ZETTAI! UNMEI! MOKUSHIROKU!

Fusion Episode 14: Showdown in the Sand Zone

In this episode, Mikey assembles a Millennium Puzzle made up of actual pyramids. Laylamon summons a monster in attack mode, then plays a trap card face down.

Fusion Episode 13: Mikey, Warrior of the Light!

In this episode, we learn that Reapmon once slaughtered an entire order of holy Digimon and that he's actually a good guy.