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Data Squad Episode 43: Justice Equals Power!

In this episode, a new Royal Knight is introduced for the express purpose of giving Rosemon and Ravemon's Burst Modes something to kill.

Data Squad Episode 36: Awaken Belphemon!

In this episode, just as Kurata stabs Hashima in the back, Thomas decides to return the favor.

Data Squad Episode 32: The Sacred City's Last Stand!

In this episode, the closest thing the Data Squad has to a clock-punching employee gets fired up because her challenger considers himself a clock-punching employee.

Data Squad Episode 21: The Digimon Army Makes Its Move!

In this episode, a massive attack on the human world gets so ugly that Miki and Megumi join the front lines. And they're gonna milk it for all it's worth!

Data Squad Episode 17: Yoshi's Biggest Battle: The One with Herself

In this episode, for somebody who gets severe anxiety issues under pressure, saving the world from monsters might not be the best line of work.

Data Squad Episode 08: The Singer's Secret

In this episode, a singer is using Keramon to artificially inflate the pop charts. A simple mission if Yoshi and the other DATS girls didn't catch Bieber fever.

Data Squad Episode 02: Marcus' Inner Strength!

In this episode, Yoshi is forced to monitor Marcus and Agumon, even in their own home. She better be getting hazard pay for this.


In this episode, DATS has their hands full rounding up a violent renegade. The Digimon he's hiding might be dangerous too.