Adventure Episode 31: The Eighth Digivice

In this episode, Tai's cat manages to get a nightclub destroyed and throws off everybody's scent at the same time. More importantly- Izzy's mom has got it going on!

Adventure Episode 30: Almost Home Free

In this episode, downtown Tokyo proves to be just as perilous as the Digital World, with crazy subways, babies, crowds and hunger pangs. And yes- the infamous hitchhiking scene.

Adventure Episode 29: Return to Highton View Terrace

In this episode, the gang is back in the real world and returns to the old stomping ground. A Mammothmon literally stomping the ground stirs a pretty damn important anecdote.

Adventure Episode 28: It's All In The Cards

In this episode, the digidestined finally meet Gennai in person. He explains how they can return to the real world: they have to play a children's card game.

Adventure Episode 27: The Gateway To Home

In this episode, Myotismon forms a plan that succeeds so splendidly, it isn't until the very end that his side even bothers to fight back against the charging digidestined.

Adventure Episode 26: Sora's Crest of Love

In this episode, Sora has mommy issues. Deep, crippling, kinda irritating mommy issues. It's a good thing Myotismon decides to show up because seriously...

Adventure Episode 25: Princess Karaoke

In this episode, Mimi is totally a diva, Tai and Joe are totally tone-deaf, Palmon is totally stupid and Sora is either a ghost or totally breaking and entering. Also- the first Japanese ending!

Adventure Episode 24: No Questions, Please

In this episode, Izzy turns in his curiosity and loses the ability to question anything. We're still free to ask the one big question- what the hell was that all about?

Adventure Episode 23: WereGarurumon's Diner

In this episode, a snafu in accepted currency leads Joe and Matt down the dark path of indentured servitude and the seedy underworld of restaurant operations.