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Zero Two Episode 49: The Last Temptation of the Digidestined

In this episode, everybody's trapped in their own happy world where their families are either reunited or removed and where they can watch themselves get crucified in peace.

Zero Two Episode 48: Oikawa's Shame

In this episode, Oikawa's plan goes horribly, horribly wrong. At least for him, Arukenimon and Mummymon. The mastermind behind all this thinks it all came together quite nicely.

Zero Two Episode 39: Dramon Power

In this episode, Prequel Gennai drops in to bestow some powers and give some marching orders. Meanwhile, Davis and Ken are busy doing all the work.

Zero Two Episode 30: Ultimate Anti-Hero

In this episode, Arukinemon's gonna try that “create a Digimon that can kick your ass” thing. After all, it worked so well when Ken did it.

Zero Two Episode 26: United We Stand

In this episode, in the middle of an intense battle against an unstoppable opponent, a therapy session breaks out. Davis thinks Ken's a sad little moe girl.

Zero Two Episode 25: Spirit Needle

In this episode, Davis and Yolei debate whether it's justified to kill a threatening Digimon. TK says very little... and that makes him a colossal dick.

Zero Two Episode 22: Davis Cries Wolfmon

In this episode, Davis traverses the dark and familiar path of forcing a new evolution out of his partner. Like Tai before him, he learns the painful lesson of... wait, it worked?! 

Zero Two Episode 20: The Darkness Before Dawn

In this episode, the digidestined use an oil fire to get into Ken's base, only to discover that Ken's base is being powered by the golden plot device that is key to defeating him.

Zero Two Episode 11: Storm of Friendship

In this episode, Davis discovers that every so often, he will be called upon to do his goddamn job. This is news to him.

Zero Two Episode 08: Ken's Secret

In this episode, the Digimon Emperor reveals himself as Ken Ichijouji, whose strategic stupidity is rivaled only by Davis's tactical stupidity.

Zero Two Episode 04: Iron Vegiemon

In this episode, Davis and Veemon manage to save the day by royally pissing off everybody in sight, then taking vicious beatings for it.

Zero Two Episode 01: Enter Flamedramon

In this episode, a new digidestined accepts the goggles and becomes the leader. Tai, TK and Kari are all thinking “wait... this guy??”