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Zero Two Episode 48: Oikawa's Shame

In this episode, Oikawa's plan goes horribly, horribly wrong. At least for him, Arukenimon and Mummymon. The mastermind behind all this thinks it all came together quite nicely.

Zero Two Episode 43: Invasion of the Daemon Corps

In this episode, multiple villains execute their master plans at the exact same time. They don't play well with each other.

Zero Two Episode 36: Stone Soup

In this episode, it's not so much a race to the final destiny stone as it is a race to waste as much time as possible before the final showdown.

Zero Two Episode 32: If I Only Had A Heart

In this episode, BlackWargreymon and Agumon discuss existential philosophy while Mummymon wants to blow up a giant rock just to see what happens.

Zero Two Episode 26: United We Stand

In this episode, in the middle of an intense battle against an unstoppable opponent, a therapy session breaks out. Davis thinks Ken's a sad little moe girl.

Zero Two Episode 24: If I had a Tail Hammer

In this episode, a new evolution for Armadillomon is ignored thanks to a mysterious lady haunting Ken, the symbolism of Go-Gurt and the dodgiest scene in the dub thus far.