Data Squad Episode 22: The Wrath of SaberLeomon

In this episode, SaberLeomon dies. With no regeneration. That should make everybody a little bit uncomfortable.

Data Squad Episode 21: The Digimon Army Makes Its Move!

In this episode, a massive attack on the human world gets so ugly that Miki and Megumi join the front lines. And they're gonna milk it for all it's worth!

Data Squad Episode 20: The Crier Family Reunion

In this episode, Keenan would totally be reunited with his parents, but neither he nor they are all that interested in making it happen. Then their house turns into a giant death robot.

Data Squad Episode 19: The Truth About Keenan

In this episode, the identity of Keenan's parents! DNA tests tell all! Next time on Maury!

Data Squad Episode 18: The Clash With Merukimon!

In this episode, Homer knows everybody, Keenan hates everybody and Gotsumon wants to kill everybody. Somehow Merukimon just became the sane one.

Data Squad Episode 17: Yoshi's Biggest Battle: The One with Herself

In this episode, for somebody who gets severe anxiety issues under pressure, saving the world from monsters might not be the best line of work.

Data Squad Episode 16: Falcomon: Friend or Foe?!

In this episode, Marcus and Falcomon learn that even though they're on different sides, neither are assholes enough to let their respective ally die of a nasty virus.

Data Squad Episode 15: The Gorge of Deception!

In this episode, the dub of Digimon Frontier is somehow responsible for making it harder to give due reverence to an intense personal tragedy.

Data Squad Episode 14: The Wild Boy of the Digital World

In this episode, the team enters the Digital World, only to discover that they need to use an Ultimate to stop their biggest foe yet- falling rocks.