Zero Two Episode 10: The Captive Digimon

In this episode, everybody's moody. Tai, Yolei, Cody, Ken... it gets so bad that Matt gets fed up and punches them out of it.

Zero Two Episode 09: The Emperor's New Home

In this episode, Ken learns that forcing Greymon to evolve is still a very bad idea.

Zero Two Episode 08: Ken's Secret

In this episode, the Digimon Emperor reveals himself as Ken Ichijouji, whose strategic stupidity is rivaled only by Davis's tactical stupidity.

Zero Two Episode 07: Guardian Angel

In this episode, Kari is stranded in a hostile city and TK and Davis are off to the rescue. Davis gets jealous of TK's Digimon while his sister gets a date with TK's brother.

Zero Two Episode 06: Family Picnic

In this episode, there's an Utena spoof. That's really all you need to know.

Zero Two Episode 05: Old Reliable

In this episode, Cody learns that with enough dedication and preparation, he too can be as cool as... Joe.

Zero Two Episode 04: Iron Vegiemon

In this episode, Davis and Veemon manage to save the day by royally pissing off everybody in sight, then taking vicious beatings for it.

Zero Two Episode 03: A New Digitude

In this episode, TK and Kari are official members of the new team and the Digimon Emperor is a dick. Didn't we already know this?

Zero Two Episode 02: The Digiteam Complete

In this episode, it's time to break in the new kids! Restraints are involved. Welcome aboard, meat!

Zero Two Episode 01: Enter Flamedramon

In this episode, a new digidestined accepts the goggles and becomes the leader. Tai, TK and Kari are all thinking “wait... this guy??”

Digimon Adventure 02: Opening

In this episode, a jump into the future with new characters, new evolutions and a new opening!

Digimon Adventure: Ending

In this episode, some final thoughts on Digimon Adventure and its second ending “Keep On.”

Adventure Episode 54: The Fate of Two Worlds

In this episode, it's time to say goodbye. Yeah, you too, Palmon. Get with the program.

Adventure Episode 53: Now Apocalymon

In this episode, gag dubbing, a clip show and time to reflect on what the kids learned this season. It's as awful as it sounds.

Adventure Episode 52: Piedmon's Last Jest

In this episode, the gang's back together, but Piedmon systematically takes out one kid at a time until only TK and Kari are left. Yeah, he's screwed.

Adventure Episode 51: The Crest of Friendship

In this episode, angst! Tons and tons of angst! We got your Matt angst! We got your Sora angst! We got every kind of angst! On sale today!

Adventure Episode 50: Joe's Battle

In this episode, Joe searches deep within himself and reali- DUDE! Two hot chicks in a catfight! Awesome!

Adventure Episode 49: The Crest of Light

In this episode, a little girl gets possessed by spiritual forces and entices monsters to do her bidding. Isn't that the plot of The Exorcist?

Adventure Episode 48: My Sister's Keeper

In this episode, IP tracing is insanely effective in the Digital World, but so is blowing everything up. Also, the heartbreaking flashback to rule them all!

Adventure Episode 46: Etemon's Comeback Tour

In this episode, a second team requires a second villain, so Etemon is dragged out of retirement with a new coat of paint. Ogremon's return isn't nearly as gaudy.

Adventure Episode 45: The Ultimate Clash

In this episode, come for the epic Matt/Tai showdown, stay for the massive info dump that spawns as many questions as it answers.

Adventure Episode 44: Trash Day

In this episode, Matt is convinced to turn and battle Tai. It's either a profound decision worthy of deep critical analysis or souped-up melodrama. Either way...

Adventure Episode 43: Playing Games

In this episode, the stress is finally reaching a boiling point, becoming almost as big a problem as Puppetmon. Puppetmon seeks to correct this by setting up a little playdate.

Adventure Episode 42: Under Pressure

In this episode, hide and seek has never been more fun! Guest starring Whamon as the submarine and MetalSeadramon as the enemy Soviet commander.

Adventure Episode 41: Sea-Sick and Tired

In this episode, the only sign of encouragement is that the team is getting stronger. Then the team falls for a tired old trick and is barely capable of fending off a simple flunky.

Adventure Episode 40: Enter The Dark Masters

In this episode, the Digimon evolve... and evolve again... and again... and one more time for good measure. It doesn't help.

Adventure Episode 39: The Battle For Earth

In this episode, the digidestined defeat Myotismon's final form and his final final form before realizing that they have more business in the Digital World. His final final final form can wait.

Adventure Episode 38: Prophecy

In this episode, the ultimate weapons against VenomMyotismon are forged by combining the virtues of hope, light and shounen ai.

Adventure Episode 37: Wizardmon's Gift

In this episode, two Digimon take forever to die. One gets time for a heroic send-off. The other is apparently an RPG final boss and has a second form to chew more gameplay hours.

Adventure Episode 36: City Under Siege

In this episode, Joe's goddamn action hero act finally pays off. Matt and Sora try it and are far less successful.

Adventure Episode 35: Flower Power

In this episode, Myotismon closes in and the whole town goes nuts. Four of the digidestined's parents become goddamn action heroes. Joe would be proud if he wasn't stranded outside all this.

Adventure Episode 34: The Eighth Child Revealed

In this episode, Gatomon and her loyal tag team partner Wizardmon turn on Myotismon. Myotismon's too strong for them... but here comes Greymon with a folding chair! Oh my God!

Adventure Episode 33: Out on the Town

In this episode, between the drama of Gatomon trying to kill an eight-year-old girl, network sensitivity has us believe that Myotismon doesn't actually kill two worthless minions.

Adventure Episode 31: The Eighth Digivice

In this episode, Tai's cat manages to get a nightclub destroyed and throws off everybody's scent at the same time. More importantly- Izzy's mom has got it going on!

Adventure Episode 30: Almost Home Free

In this episode, downtown Tokyo proves to be just as perilous as the Digital World, with crazy subways, babies, crowds and hunger pangs. And yes- the infamous hitchhiking scene.

Adventure Episode 29: Return to Highton View Terrace

In this episode, the gang is back in the real world and returns to the old stomping ground. A Mammothmon literally stomping the ground stirs a pretty damn important anecdote.

Adventure Episode 28: It's All In The Cards

In this episode, the digidestined finally meet Gennai in person. He explains how they can return to the real world: they have to play a children's card game.

Adventure Episode 27: The Gateway To Home

In this episode, Myotismon forms a plan that succeeds so splendidly, it isn't until the very end that his side even bothers to fight back against the charging digidestined.

Adventure Episode 26: Sora's Crest of Love

In this episode, Sora has mommy issues. Deep, crippling, kinda irritating mommy issues. It's a good thing Myotismon decides to show up because seriously...

Adventure Episode 25: Princess Karaoke

In this episode, Mimi is totally a diva, Tai and Joe are totally tone-deaf, Palmon is totally stupid and Sora is either a ghost or totally breaking and entering. Also- the first Japanese ending!

Adventure Episode 24: No Questions, Please

In this episode, Izzy turns in his curiosity and loses the ability to question anything. We're still free to ask the one big question- what the hell was that all about?

Adventure Episode 23: WereGarurumon's Diner

In this episode, a snafu in accepted currency leads Joe and Matt down the dark path of indentured servitude and the seedy underworld of restaurant operations.

Adventure Episode 22: Forget About It!

In this episode, it's the Demidevimon show! That rambunctious little scamp tries to get TK to abandon and forget about his friends. It's an awful way to achieve his real mission.

Adventure Episode 21: Home Away From Home

In this episode, Tai arrives in the real world, which has a higher animation budget, better shading and a creepy little sister that knows way too much.

Adventure Episode 20: The Earthquake of MetalGreymon

In this episode, Tai's recklessness is heralded as a good thing this time. He's rewarded by getting sucked right out of the Digital World.

Adventure Episode 19: The Prisoner of the Pyramid

In this episode, some thrilling plot twists and philosophical questions about digital avatars battle strange dubbing errors and suspect animation. It's a good fight.

Adventure Episode 18: The Piximon Cometh

In this episode, an ancient master offers to train the digidestined. Every training scene cliché is pulled out except the 80's movie montage. That's why they didn't learn anything.

Adventure Episode 17: The Crest of Sincerity

In this episode, Sora and Mimi run around wearing towels as they battle a giant cock monster who had hardened his male opponents. Yes, this is still a kids show.