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Zero Two Episode 44: Dark Sun, Dark Spore

In this episode, without revealing his actual intentions, Oikawa executes his evil plan. And speaking of evil, who wants to talk about MURDERS!

Zero Two Episode 35: Cody Takes A Stand

In this episode, Cody meticulously investigates TK's anger issues but blindly throws himself at BlackWargreymon's mercy based on vague, second-hand information.

Zero Two Episode 28: The Insect Master's Trap

In this episode, Arukenimon asks the digidestined to walk into an obvious trap. They head right on in, knowing full well that it is a trap. Shockingly, they end up trapped.

Zero Two Episode 16: 20,000 Digi-Leagues Under the Sea

In this episode, Cody faces challenges to his moral code. He can either lie, or he can let his friends suffocate. He'd rather take the latter.

Zero Two Episode 05: Old Reliable

In this episode, Cody learns that with enough dedication and preparation, he too can be as cool as... Joe.

Zero Two Episode 03: A New Digitude

In this episode, TK and Kari are official members of the new team and the Digimon Emperor is a dick. Didn't we already know this?