Adventure Episode 49: The Crest of Light

In this episode, a little girl gets possessed by spiritual forces and entices monsters to do her bidding. Isn't that the plot of The Exorcist?

Adventure Episode 48: My Sister's Keeper

In this episode, IP tracing is insanely effective in the Digital World, but so is blowing everything up. Also, the heartbreaking flashback to rule them all!

Adventure Episode 46: Etemon's Comeback Tour

In this episode, a second team requires a second villain, so Etemon is dragged out of retirement with a new coat of paint. Ogremon's return isn't nearly as gaudy.

Adventure Episode 45: The Ultimate Clash

In this episode, come for the epic Matt/Tai showdown, stay for the massive info dump that spawns as many questions as it answers.

Adventure Episode 44: Trash Day

In this episode, Matt is convinced to turn and battle Tai. It's either a profound decision worthy of deep critical analysis or souped-up melodrama. Either way...

Adventure Episode 43: Playing Games

In this episode, the stress is finally reaching a boiling point, becoming almost as big a problem as Puppetmon. Puppetmon seeks to correct this by setting up a little playdate.

Adventure Episode 42: Under Pressure

In this episode, hide and seek has never been more fun! Guest starring Whamon as the submarine and MetalSeadramon as the enemy Soviet commander.

Adventure Episode 41: Sea-Sick and Tired

In this episode, the only sign of encouragement is that the team is getting stronger. Then the team falls for a tired old trick and is barely capable of fending off a simple flunky.