Adventure Episode 40: Enter The Dark Masters

In this episode, the Digimon evolve... and evolve again... and again... and one more time for good measure. It doesn't help.

Adventure Episode 39: The Battle For Earth

In this episode, the digidestined defeat Myotismon's final form and his final final form before realizing that they have more business in the Digital World. His final final final form can wait.

Adventure Episode 38: Prophecy

In this episode, the ultimate weapons against VenomMyotismon are forged by combining the virtues of hope, light and shounen ai.

Adventure Episode 37: Wizardmon's Gift

In this episode, two Digimon take forever to die. One gets time for a heroic send-off. The other is apparently an RPG final boss and has a second form to chew more gameplay hours.

Adventure Episode 36: City Under Siege

In this episode, Joe's goddamn action hero act finally pays off. Matt and Sora try it and are far less successful.