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Frontier Episode 50: End of the Line

In this episode, the whole party is going to have to jump into this, the ultimate final battle against Lucemon. EVERYBODY GET NAKED!

Frontier Episode 37: Cherubimania

In this episode, two momentous occasions as Cherubimon is finally defeated and Zoe finally apologizes for being boring.

Frontier Episode 32: My Brother In Spirit

In this episode, Koji literally beats the hell out of his brother.

Frontier Episode 29: Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon

In this episode, Mercurymon tries to convince us that failing at everything and dying was his plan all along. He does each once more for good measure.

Frontier Episode 23: Sockit Takuya

In this episode, Takuya's newfound self-awareness apparently makes him the goddamn Avatar.

Frontier Episode 21: Darkest Before Duskmon

In this episode, an invincible enemy has Koji and JP thinking long and hard about the team's identity while Takuya can't wait to barrel into it again.

Frontier Episode 07: Island of Misfit Boys

In this episode, Takuya confronts Koji about his one major character weakness: being a dick to children.

Frontier Episode 05: Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon

In this episode, JP is vindicated, becomes the clutch hero and receives his long-awaited prize... all while continuing to make an ass of himself.

Frontier Episode 01: All Aboard

In this episode, a bunch of disagreeable, unhappy children are dropped in the middle of a decaying world with no instructions and no way to defend themselves.