Appmon Episode 13: Christmas Disappeared?! Date Thief Calendamon!

In this episode, Gatchmon reveals the existence of Appmon to a stranger for the most wholesome of reasons… trying to hook his buddy up with a girl.

Appmon Episode 12: Fighting Sakusimon: Let's Use a Super Applink To Smack Him Right Down!

In this episode, Rei’s tragic backstory is exposed, revealing the truth about his behavior: he’s always been like this and that’s the reason he found himself in this mess.

Appmon Episode 11: Dive in to the Sea of the 'Net! Follow the Super Hacker, Rei!

In this episode, we’re off on a midday jaunt to the Appmon equivalent of the Digital World for some lousy beach food and a midboss battle!

Appmon Episode 10: The Dream of All Appmon: The Legendary Seven Code Meetup!

In this episode, the prized Seven Codes get invited to party with all their kin. The ones Haru needs to find in the primary story arc. There is absolutely no chance of this being a trap, right?

Appmon Episode 09: Aim for Number One! Appmon Championship in Cyber Arena!

In this episode, we interrupt your regularly scheduled comedic filler to bring you important plot details, then interrupt your important plot details to bring you a menacing character introduction.

Appmon Episode 08: A So Not Groovy Disaster?! Astra's Funny Video Plan!

In this episode, a corporate-backed rival video channel threatens Astora’s superiority and drives him to go lowbrow and record flatulence symphonies. To be fair, we have seen even less mature responses to this sort of challenge.

Appmon Episode 07: The Third App Drive! Torajiro is an Apptuber!

In this episode, another annoying media personality has an App Drive and a somber backstory. But this time there’s a twist! This kid’s actually just as annoying in real life!

Appmon Episode 06: The Ultimate Restaurant Report! Dining App Perorimon!

In this episode, Eri wants to learn how to critique food and a food critic Appmon wants to taste it. Their mutually beneficial scheming lasts until the “important” parts of the plot show up and ruin everyone’s fun.