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Data Squad Episode 46: The Truth About BanchoLeomon!

In this episode, BanchoLeomon dies. In the most incredible, manly and ultimately ineffective way possible.

Data Squad Episode 45: A Family Quarrel

In this episode, if on your journey you should encounter God, God will be punched in the face.

Data Squad Episode 41: Father and Son Destiny

In this episode, after Kentaurosmon's dramatic rescue that brought Marcus and company out of the Digital World safely, Marcus decides to pop right back in.

Data Squad Episode 35: Kurata's Real Plan

In this episode, Thomas is determined to earn Kurata's trust and learn what he's planning, demonstrating his loyalty with minor trifles like killing Keenan.

Data Squad Episode 33: The Final Bio-Hybrid Battle

In this episode, Marcus and Kouki provide us with a fight to provide us some entertainment while Kurata locks up his inevitable victory.

Data Squad Episode 23: One More Digital Dive!

In this episode, everybody comes to the gradual conclusion that Kurata's kind of an ass... just in time to watch him take charge of stopping an inter-dimensional war.

Data Squad Episode 19: The Truth About Keenan

In this episode, the identity of Keenan's parents! DNA tests tell all! Next time on Maury!

Data Squad Episode 18: The Clash With Merukimon!

In this episode, Homer knows everybody, Keenan hates everybody and Gotsumon wants to kill everybody. Somehow Merukimon just became the sane one.

Data Squad Episode 11: The Vile of Vilemon!

In this episode, a poor baker needs money to save his family, so a Digimon helps by giving him a gambling addiction.

Data Squad Episode 10: Curse This Curse: Marcus's Bad Day

In this episode, a Digimon carries out Kristy's blabbering of bad things she wants to happen to Marcus. A very random, very specific, very tangible set of bad things.

Data Squad Episode 06: The Ultimate Team No More?

In this episode, Marcus learns a very important lesson about not fighting giant Digimon without one of his own.

Data Squad Episode 05: Digital World, Here We Come!

In this episode, Marcus and Thomas are stranded and weakened in the Digital World and forced to work together. We're gonna need a montage!

Data Squad Episode 04: The New Team of Thomas and Marcus!

In this episode, managerial meddling causes Thomas and Marcus to collectively screw up two missions that either of them could have handled individually.


In this episode, DATS has their hands full rounding up a violent renegade. The Digimon he's hiding might be dangerous too.