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Zero Two Episode 50: Epilogue

In this episode, Hermione ends up marrying Ron and everybody's kids go off to Hogwarts. Or something like that.

Zero Two Episode 44: Dark Sun, Dark Spore

In this episode, without revealing his actual intentions, Oikawa executes his evil plan. And speaking of evil, who wants to talk about MURDERS!

Zero Two Episode 31: Opposites Attract

In this episode, Kari and Yolei fall into a rough spot and end up getting a bit physical with each other. Aww yeah.

Zero Two Episode 29: Arukenimon's Tangled Web

In this episode, the digidestined turn the tables on Arukenimon with help from the usual sources- air conditioning, a salt shaker and Pro Tools.

Zero Two Episode 18: Run Yolei Run

In this episode, Yolei's worried about the upcoming assault on the Emperor's base, so she psyches herself up to the point where she sabotages the mission.

Zero Two Episode 14: The Samurai of Sincerity

In this episode, Mimi introduces some stuck-up American to the gang. In other words, yet another boy for Yolei to fawn over. That makes four now.

Zero Two Episode 06: Family Picnic

In this episode, there's an Utena spoof. That's really all you need to know.

Zero Two Episode 02: The Digiteam Complete

In this episode, it's time to break in the new kids! Restraints are involved. Welcome aboard, meat!