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Frontier Episode 13: Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell

In this episode, the digidestined discover that their sole purpose was to revive Seraphimon, who manages to stay alive for approximately ten minutes.

Zero Two Episode 17: Ghost of a Chance

In this episode, a haunting at the TV station means the return of the most beloved character in season one. That's right... HIROAKI ISHIDA!

Adventure Episode 37: Wizardmon's Gift

In this episode, two Digimon take forever to die. One gets time for a heroic send-off. The other is apparently an RPG final boss and has a second form to chew more gameplay hours.

Adventure Episode 34: The Eighth Child Revealed

In this episode, Gatomon and her loyal tag team partner Wizardmon turn on Myotismon. Myotismon's too strong for them... but here comes Greymon with a folding chair! Oh my God!