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Frontier Episode 33: Ne'er The Twins Do Meet

In this episode, Koji ponders suddenly having his twin brother in the party while the rest of the group ponders how not to die fighting Cherubimon.

Frontier Episode 32: My Brother In Spirit

In this episode, Koji literally beats the hell out of his brother.

Frontier Episode 27: Stuck In Sakkakumon With You

In this episode, one of the more awkward cases of deus ex machina saves Koji- Bokomon's water breaking.

Frontier Episode 25: The Dark Heart of Friendship

In this episode, Tommy's over-dependence on others is contrasted with Koji's insistence on going solo. Neither is a factor when they're beating up the bad guys.

Frontier Episode 21: Darkest Before Duskmon

In this episode, an invincible enemy has Koji and JP thinking long and hard about the team's identity while Takuya can't wait to barrel into it again.

Frontier Episode 10: Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down

In this episode, Koji discovers that teaming up with a pile of rocks is more productive than working with the rest of the group.

Frontier Episode 07: Island of Misfit Boys

In this episode, Takuya confronts Koji about his one major character weakness: being a dick to children.