Adventure Episode 05: Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker

 In this episode, Izzy says nuts to all that danger business and enters a cheat code to make Tentomon digivolve. We also finally learn some things about this joint.

Adventure Episode 04: Biyomon Gets Firepower

In this episode, some adorable Yokomon and the heart-warming friendship between Sora and Biyomon shield us from the dark, horrible universe we all are trapped in.

Adventure Episode 03: Garurumon

In this episode, Matt decides he's been flying under the radar and gets all angry and emo. Since it's Matt, he still looks cool in the process.

Adventure Episode 02: The Birth of Greymon

In this episode, the group argues about the best course of action and discovers that while the kids are incredibly well-equipped for the environment, the Digimon are not.

Adventure Episode 01: And so it begins...

In this episode, a bunch of In-Training level Digimon attempt to make a good first impression, in hopes of never being seen in that form again.

Digimon Adventure: Opening

In this episode, the Japanese opening and some basic structure and insight as we begin Digimon Adventure. You're mostly here for the Japanese opening.

Introduction: Return To The Digital World

In this episode, I announce a mission statement in order to function as a test post while I figure out how I want things to look. On the plus side, no evolution sequences!