Introduction: Return To The Digital World

In this episode, I announce a mission statement in order to function as a test post while I figure out how I want things to look. On the plus side, no evolution sequences!

Is Digimon really more than a decade old? And doesn't that make you feel old? I wasn't exactly young when it was first on, but it was among the first anime I've seen. Once I got into it, it was one of the few I made a point to watch regularly. Along with the stuff screened at the local anime club, it's one of those shows that got me hooked on anime in the first place. To me, however, it was not only a gateway but a destination in its own right. It had strong characters, it had a plot and every so often some pretty hardcore stuff that set it apart from typical children's entertainment. It's anime that I hold up as one of my favorites with no irony or shame.

But how does Digimon hold up now?

Since I last watched the original Digimon Adventure seasons, I'm a decade older and have seen tons more anime. Some good, some not, but only a handful that I say I enjoyed more than Digimon. But is that really the case? Let's find out.

Presenting System Restore- my thoughts as I watch Digimon all over again... episode-by-episode, season-by-season. No, it's not going to be deep introspective analysis of the twelve-year-old kids and their monster friends. But we're not waxing the nostalgia either. This is a look back at an underrated gateway series through the eyes of someone with feet planted on the other side. We're treating this as an honest anime and trying to figure out why we all found it so cool in the first place.


  1. I support what you are doing and will read every analysis and rewatch every episode. I have been more obsessed with the digimon saga more than any other I have watched. Just because there aren't that many comments doesn't mean that there aren't that many people reading the articles

  2. I love Digimon and I thus love this blog. A lot.

    For my opinion, Adventure > Tamers > Fusion > Adventure 02 > Data Squad > Frontier > Young Hunters.