Digimon Fusion: Ending 1

In this episode, we set things straight about this dub, prepare for hibernation, and make plans for the new season... and the NEW new season.

Fusion Episode 30: When Worlds Collide

In this episode, the key to finally defeating Tactimon proves to be the same power that most characters figure out right at the beginning.

Fusion Episode 29: Fall of the Final Code Crown

In this episode, the entire Digital World is rattled to its core in a twist so huge they skip the entire first act.

Fusion Episode 28: Battle in The Digital Depths

In this episode, lurking below Sweets Zone is the beast that may have split the zones in the first place, Cutemon's parents, and every other loose end that needs to clear up before the climax.

Fusion Episode 27: Sweets Zone Bake-off!

In this episode, Angie works really hard at a competition the team doesn't actually need her to win. Which is good because she's absolutely terrible at it.

Fusion Episode 26: Shoutmon – Bogus King Or The Real Thing?

In this episode, it would be a lot easier to concentrate on Shoutmon's dedication and hard work if this darn plot would stop getting in the way.

Fusion Episode 25: Showdown in Shaky Town!

In this episode, endangering hundreds of innocents and leaving them to die somehow makes Christopher look awesome.

Fusion Episode 24: Monitamission Impossible!

In this episode, not only is Jeremy determined to prove his worth and complete his special mission, he chains three dead weights to his ankles to make it look that much more impressive.

Fusion Episode 23: Laughing All The Way To The Code Crown

In this episode, the actual act that makes Karatenmon laugh and won the code crown is the least funny part.

Fusion Episode 22: Lost in Digital Space

In this episode, people assume that space is a vacuum incapable of supporting life, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint it's more like a big void of wibbly-wobbly spacey-wacey stuff.

Fusion Episode 21: Disaster in the Dust Zone!

In this episode, everybody learns a valuable lesson about how you should never team up with anybody ever because they're all backstabbing monsters. Except Mikey.

Fusion Episode 20: Train Of Terror!

In this episode, AxeKnightmon traps and enslaves Christopher. Since that takes all of two minutes, there's some other fluff about trains. Kids like trains, right?

Fusion Episode 19: Rumble in the Jungle Zone!

In this episode, just about everybody's pretty sick of Nene being the main character and will go to extreme lengths to steal the spotlight. 

Fusion Episode 18: Welcome to the Jungle Zone!

In this episode, while AxeKnightmon and Nene continue to carry out their scheming, Lilamon is busy shipping Jeremy and Angie. Nice to see the show acknowledging its fanfic community!

Fusion Episode 17: Clash in the Clouds

In this episode, Nene's in serious trouble and it's up to Sparrowmon and the Fusion Fighters to save her! If they feel like it, that is.

Fusion Episode 16: A Dark Cloud Over the Sky Zone

In this episode, the new president's first act is to open the door for darkness to engulf the land and for the Bagra Army to take control. THANKS OBAMA.

Fusion Episode 15: Trouble in Paradise

In this episode, the serene, cultured Sky Zone is actually an Orwellian dystopia. Good thing there's a candidate like Lucemon there to call for liberation. Vote Saxon.

Fusion Episode 14: Showdown in the Sand Zone

In this episode, Mikey assembles a Millennium Puzzle made up of actual pyramids. Laylamon summons a monster in attack mode, then plays a trap card face down.

Fusion Episode 13: Mikey, Warrior of the Light!

In this episode, we learn that Reapmon once slaughtered an entire order of holy Digimon and that he's actually a good guy.

Fusion Episode 12: Treasure, Traps, and Trouble – Oh My!

In this episode, while the Fusion Fighters luck their way into a code crown underground, nobody notices the important developments happening on the surface.

Fusion Episode 11: Ice To See You, Angie!

In this episode, it's going to be an uphill battle when the only thing you can think of to validate a teammates's presence is her ability to make sandwiches.

Fusion Episode 10: The Rival Champions!

In this episode, we seriously regret using all our good Christopher Walken references back in that one episode of Frontier.

Fusion Episode 09: Dorulumon's True Colors

In this episode, Dorulumon has a perfectly justified explanation for his shameful betrayal of Tactimon. Nobody seems to care why he was on Tactimon's side to begin with.

Fusion Episode 08: Meltdown in the Magma Zone!

In this episode, despite helping everyone escape with his mighty drill, Dorulumon is exposed as Tactimon's former henchman. Who the hell does he think he is?

Fusion Episode 07: Danger Erupts!

In this episode, the team enters the regressive Magma Zone, where unfortunate relics such as slave labor camps, silly Cockney accents and Photoshop swimsuits are still in fashion.

Fusion Episode 06: Crisis or Conquest

In this episode, Mikey refuses Archelomon's sacrifice and Christopher's help in fighting Neptunemon, but needs every lucky break to actually win.

Fusion Episode 05: Thanks for the DigiCards!

In this episode, Mikey and Shoutmon are only able to survive because of the rather ambivalent giant whale that supports the entire island.

Fusion Episode 04: Island Zone in Chaos!

In this episode, Mikey's answer to a naval assault is send his army into the water and hijack a battleship. Shockingly, his army isn't as prepared for underwater combat as Neptunemon's navy.

Fusion Episode 03: A Rival Appears

In this episode, MadLeomon dies, putting to rest the popular myth that he was ever a competent general.

Fusion Episode 02: He is Shoutmon, Hear Him Roar!

In this episode, Shoutmon has to fend off not only a resurgent MadLeomon army, but also the two barnacles his savior dragged along with him.

Fusion Episode 01: Mikey Goes To Another World!

In this episode, Mikey goes to another world. So do Angie and Jeremy, which is a horrible, horrible mistake.

Digimon Fusion: Opening 1

In this episode, we stare into an uncertain future stricken with an unreliable dub, an unfamiliar evolution mechanic, and unprecedented amounts of autotune.

Digimon Savers Movie: Ultimate Power! Activate Burst Mode!!

In this movie, Agumon tries to save the world all by himself to impress this girl he picked up.

Digimon Data Squad: Ending 2

In this episode, we come to terms with the inconvenient reality that Digimon Data Squad is better than season one.

Data Squad Episode 48: The Ultimate Farewell

In this episode, King Drasil calculates the odds of his defeat as being “virtually zero.” So you're telling me there's a chance... YEAH!

Data Squad Episode 47: The Data Squad's Final Battle!

In this episode, the battle to save humanity turns into an outright revolt against the monarchy.