Tamers Episode 28: Blame it on Ryo

In this episode, Rika's sick and tired of being stuck with Kazu and Kenta, so in comes one more guy to annoy the hell out of her!

Tamers Episode 27: Motorcycle Madness

In this episode, the kids deal with a possessed bike in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated and unimportant subplot, Impmon sells his soul to the devil.

Tamers Episode 26: Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure

In this episode, Rika weathers a wind storm with a kooky married couple. Oh, and Jijimon and Babamon too.

Tamers Episode 25: Brave New Digital World

In this episode, the kids are dismayed to find that the world they leaped into is cold, brutal, desolate and disorienting. What the hell were they expecting, Narnia?

Tamers Episode 24: The Journey Begins

In this episode, the tamers settle their affairs before heading into the Digital World. That includes talking to parents and teachers, then figuring out how the hell to get in.

Digimon Tamers: Ending 1

In this episode, the first Tamers ending “My Tomorrow” and plans regarding the rumored Xros Wars dub. Yay for well-timed halftime breaks!

Tamers Episode 23: A World Apart

In this episode, massive explosions, Janyuu shows flashes of goddamn action hero and Takato screams a lot. There's even a monkey!

Tamers Episode 22: The Boar Wars

In this episode, a giant pig destroys Tokyo. The dragon is in the Chinese Zodiac too, but no... you get a pig.