Tamers Episode 33: Rabbit Transit

In this episode, now that we know the Digital World is its own living entity, it's now under investigation for enticing a young child.

Tamers Episode 32: Shibumi Speaks

In this episode, the God of the Wired makes a cameo appearance to totally Lain up the place. 

Tamers Episode 31: Kazu's Upgrade

In this episode, some milkshake brings all the eight-headed snake monsters to the yard.

Tamers Episode 30: The Imperfect Storm

In this episode, even with the kids in the Digital World, Hypnos finds a way to ruin their lives.

Tamers Episode 29: Goliath

In this episode, Ryo helps the group find shelter for the night, gets his Digimon to snap a dragon in half with its bare hands, then leaves the party to fend for themselves.