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Frontier Episode 37: Cherubimania

In this episode, two momentous occasions as Cherubimon is finally defeated and Zoe finally apologizes for being boring.

Frontier Episode 31: Workin' On The Train Gang

In this episode, when a scouting mission turns into several irritating tasks to please the only living being for miles, you're gonna have a bad time.

Frontier Episode 24: Alone But Never Alone

In this episode, JP has to confront doubts about having friends. Once the enemy poses, amplifies and exaggerates such doubts to an unrecognizable proportion, that is.

Frontier Episode 14: No Whamon

In this episode, JP finds his beast spirit and defeats Grumblemon. If that's not enough to get him laid, nothing is. 

Frontier Episode 05: Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon

In this episode, JP is vindicated, becomes the clutch hero and receives his long-awaited prize... all while continuing to make an ass of himself.