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Data Squad Episode 38: The Power of The Burst Mode!

In this episode, remember when BanchoLeomon told you never to use the Burst Mode? Time to use the Burst Mode!

Data Squad Episode 36: Awaken Belphemon!

In this episode, just as Kurata stabs Hashima in the back, Thomas decides to return the favor.

Data Squad Episode 35: Kurata's Real Plan

In this episode, Thomas is determined to earn Kurata's trust and learn what he's planning, demonstrating his loyalty with minor trifles like killing Keenan.

Data Squad Episode 34: The Norstein Family Secret

In this episode, Kurata, not satisfied with just winning, exploits Thomas's willingness to do anything to help his little sister Nunna... er, Relena. Her name is Relena.

Data Squad Episode 25: Kurata's Revenge!

In this episode, Kurata's so evil that not even the network censors can take his guns away.

Data Squad Episode 24: The Past Revealed

In this episode, a series of flashbacks reveal that the conflict between humans and Digimon is complex and multi-faceted. Just kidding, it's all Kurata's fault.

Data Squad Episode 23: One More Digital Dive!

In this episode, everybody comes to the gradual conclusion that Kurata's kind of an ass... just in time to watch him take charge of stopping an inter-dimensional war.

Data Squad Episode 22: The Wrath of SaberLeomon

In this episode, SaberLeomon dies. With no regeneration. That should make everybody a little bit uncomfortable.