Frontier Episode 23: Sockit Takuya

In this episode, Takuya's newfound self-awareness apparently makes him the goddamn Avatar.

Frontier Episode 21: Darkest Before Duskmon

In this episode, an invincible enemy has Koji and JP thinking long and hard about the team's identity while Takuya can't wait to barrel into it again.

Frontier Episode 20: From Dawn To Duskmon

In this episode, one does not simply take a train into the Continent of Darkness.

Frontier Episode 19: You Want Fries With That?

In this episode, the gang has a burger cook-off for the right to be enslaved by Petaldramon. Tommy picks an awful time to be accidentally good at something.

Frontier Episode 18: Trailmon vs. Trailmon

In this episode, an homage to Wacky Races. Because it's not like there's anything important like the imminent deletion of the world going on or anything. We got time for Muttley.

Frontier Episode 17: Bizarre Bazaar

In this episode, the hunt for the stolen D-Tectors takes the kids through the streets of nostalgia for seasons we actually liked.

Frontier Episode 16: The Swiss Family Digimon

In this episode, when some Gomamon warn you about a dangerous whirlpool across the sea, load 'em all up on a rickety raft and plow right into it! YOLO!

Frontier Episode 15: Beastie Girl

In this episode, fanboys, fanservice and fantastic quantities of stupidity.