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Frontier Episode 46: To Make The World Go Away

In this episode, Takuya and Koji will do whatever it takes to prevent Lucemon's revival. Unless it's something that's actually, you know, hard. 

Frontier Episode 26: Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure

In this episode, a woman's worth is measured not by her beauty or the kindness in her heart, but in how many fanboys she has.

Frontier Episode 18: Trailmon vs. Trailmon

In this episode, an homage to Wacky Races. Because it's not like there's anything important like the imminent deletion of the world going on or anything. We got time for Muttley.

Frontier Episode 16: The Swiss Family Digimon

In this episode, when some Gomamon warn you about a dangerous whirlpool across the sea, load 'em all up on a rickety raft and plow right into it! YOLO!

Frontier Episode 08: The Odd One Out

In this episode, JP and Zoe meet a Tsunomon getting picked on in school for hitting a growth spurt. They'd love to help, but making friends at school isn't exactly their strong suit.

Frontier Episode 04: Kazemon Kicks It

In this episode, the kids learn a valuable lesson about why you should never split the party.

Frontier Episode 02: Lobomon: Warrior of Light

In this episode, it doesn't take long for the show to establish that Koji is better than all four of the other kids combined.