Digimon Tamers
Grade Point Average: 3.33

Opening (The Biggest Dreamer)
Ending 1 (My Tomorrow)
Ending 2 (Days ~Aijou to Nichijou~)

Episode Title Grade
1 Guilmon Comes Alive A-
2 Digimon, Digimon Everywhere B+
3 To Fight or Not to Fight B+
4 It Came From the Other Side B-
5 Dream a Little Dream C+
6 O Partner, Where Art Thou? B
7 Now You See It, Now You Don't A-
8 A Question of Trust B-
9 Not As Seen on TV B-
10 The Icemon Cometh B+
11 Much Ado About Musyamon B+
12 Divided They Stand A-
13 Juggernaut A
14 Grow Mon Grow A
15 Snakes, Trains & Digimon B
16 Back To Nature, Back To Battle B
17 Duel with the Deva B+
18 Digital Beauty B
19 Impmon's Last Stand B+
20 Out of the Blue B+
21 Jeri's Quest A-
22 The Boar Wars A-
23 A World Apart A
24 The Journey Begins A
25 Brave New Digital World A-
26 Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure D+
27 Motorcycle Madness B
28 Blame it on Ryo C
29 Goliath B
30 The Imperfect Storm B+
31 Kazu's Upgrade B-
32 Shibumi Speaks B+
33 Rabbit Transit B
34 Lionheart A
35 Give a Little Bit A-
36 The Battle Within B+
37 No Mon Is an Island B
38 Azulongmon Explains It All B
39 Song of Sakuyamon B+
40 Janyu's Ark B+
41 Homeward Bound A
42 Reunion B+
43 Beelzemon's Big Day A-
44 The Messenger A-
45 The D-Reaper's Disguise A-
46 When Is A Mon Justimon? B+
47 His Kingdom For A Horse A-
48 Shadow of the Beast King A
49 D-Reaper's Feast A
50 Jeri Fights Back A-
51 Such Sweet Sorrow A

Movie Title Grade
1 The Adventurers' Battle B-
2 Runaway Locomon C