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Frontier Episode 50: End of the Line

In this episode, the whole party is going to have to jump into this, the ultimate final battle against Lucemon. EVERYBODY GET NAKED!

Frontier Episode 48: The Brothers Yin and Yang

In this episode, Loweemon dies. See how they switched it up this time?

Frontier Episode 45: All Aboard The Tag Team Express

In this episode, desperate to turn around a four-game losing streak, the good guys attempt to stop the Royal Knights with... a catapult that fires snowballs.

Frontier Episode 39: The Man In The Moon Is You

In this episode, the gang is stranded on the moon and Takuya's solution is casting magic missile at the darkness.

Frontier Episode 33: Ne'er The Twins Do Meet

In this episode, Koji ponders suddenly having his twin brother in the party while the rest of the group ponders how not to die fighting Cherubimon.

Frontier Episode 32: My Brother In Spirit

In this episode, Koji literally beats the hell out of his brother.

Frontier Episode 30: O, Brother, Who Art Thou?

In this episode, Cherubimon is nice enough to remind Duskmon and the audience of Koichi's most human experience before locking up his humanity.