Data Squad Episode 29: How To Fix A Broken Digivice

In this episode, a bunch of training dummies somehow just don't draw as much anger out of the trio as the Bio-Hybrids do.

Digimon Data Squad: Opening 2

In this episode, we're doing “Hirari” a little early because I was on vacation this weekend. So there.

Data Squad Episode 28: Digivice Meltdown

In this episode, the Data Squad meets BanchoLeomon's challenge to find more power... and overclock their digivices in the process. 

Data Squad Episode 27: The Beginning of the End!

In this episode, daring rescues! Emotional reunions! Exploding cars! Miki and Megumi in tight jumpsuits! Bring in Vin Diesel and we're all set!

Data Squad Episode 26: Memory is the First Thing to Go!

In this episode, it's up to the Digimon to restore some memories after men in black flashy-thing their partners.

Data Squad Episode 25: Kurata's Revenge!

In this episode, Kurata's so evil that not even the network censors can take his guns away.

Digimon Data Squad: Ending 1

In this episode, we take time off from Data Squad to figure out what we're doing with Fusion.

Data Squad Episode 24: The Past Revealed

In this episode, a series of flashbacks reveal that the conflict between humans and Digimon is complex and multi-faceted. Just kidding, it's all Kurata's fault.

Data Squad Episode 23: One More Digital Dive!

In this episode, everybody comes to the gradual conclusion that Kurata's kind of an ass... just in time to watch him take charge of stopping an inter-dimensional war.