Digimon Data Squad: Opening 2

In this episode, we're doing “Hirari” a little early because I was on vacation this weekend. So there.

What what what? A second opening? Yes, Savers has two! It sort of makes sense. They can add in all the important updates such as wardrobe changes. Oh, and acknowledge Keenan's existence. It also features the Royal Knights, BanchoLeomon, and an oddly fanservicey Yoshi looking more distraught than she ever does in the actual show.

This actually doesn't take over from the previous opening until episode 30, but we're jumping the gun since I was vacationing over the weekend and trying to do an episode would have defeated the purpose of vacationing. Since the One Star post a few weeks ago covered all the major site updates, the only thing I can add is that I'll be running my Digimon panel at Daisho Con in Wisconsin Dells in mid-November. Regular updates resume on Thursday!

Probably my least favorite Kouji Wada opening, but treasured because it's the last Kouji Wada opening (he does get the definitive Xros Wars evolution song, so you don't have to quit cold turkey). His part's fine, but there's something about the arrangement that seems uneven. But yeah, oddly fanservicey Yoshi.

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  1. To each's own, this is definitely one of my absolute favorite intros! I think the New World in Xros Wars is probably second which tells me I am a sucker for second-half intro song changes.