Digimon Data Squad: Ending 1

In this episode, we take time off from Data Squad to figure out what we're doing with Fusion.

It's crazy to think that when Digimon: System Restore began and our focus was on Tai and company, Xros Wars was still on the air in Japan. Since then, Hunters latched onto it like a barnacle, we all went bananas over the big crossover (which is appropriate to bring up again since Marcus really does steal the show), we heard rumors of a dub, details started to trickle in, we got an English title, a network, a new name for Taiki, a vague airdate, a real airdate, a grand debut... and apparently relegation to a secondary network in the Nick family. It's been a roller coaster.

After watching the first three episodes of Fusion (and keep in mind that I have not seen any of Xros Wars in Japanese), I am amazed at how gracefully such a unique entry to the Digimon franchise eases into the club. It's been a long time since Data Squad aired and with new ownership and a new network, it could have been handled very differently. It's a relief to hear voice actors who have been with Digimon from the beginning, and I'm friends with Kyle Hebert so hearing him in two major roles is a blast. And while the name changes, censorship and laughingly bad theme song may be irritating, they're par for the course. Of all those, calling the army Fusion Fighters might be the only thing that annoyed me.

Whether or not I will continue keeping up with Fusion as it moves to Nicktoons (a station I don't get) remains to be seen. It is clear, however, that we'll catch up to it at some point. Once that happens (and with any luck it will coincide with a nice break in the action like the start of the Death Generals arc), we're obviously not posting twice a week. We will post as new episodes air, regardless of what network it's on... assuming episodes are posted online... preferably through authorized channels. Depending on when episodes air and how quickly I can watch them, we may switch up the Monday/Thursday schedule, although I'll try to stick to an assigned day.

One thing that will not change is the scope of the posts. Expect the same type of commentary, the same analysis and the same perspective on how the action compares to previous seasons. The only difference is that I only have a vague idea of how the story unfolds, so I may be totally taken in by plot twists or something. I have no qualms about spoilers, however, so feel free to cackle in glee whenever I opine about the certain long term impact of a character that's going to die next episode.

Basic but pretty animation, but at least it's still richer than what we saw in the first two seasons. I used to think the song was very ordinary, but I started enjoying it a lot more after it clinched me a win at Anime Name That Tune a few years ago.


  1. Well if you can view them on the Nickelodeon website you should do that! That's what I do since I don't get the channel either (and apparently Nick still counts those hits as interest according to Ben Diskin's facebook)

  2. I think one can now view new episodes of Fusion on the Nicktoons website.

  3. If you need a place to keep up with it, this site usually pretty good:

    1. *is usually.
      I really enjoy your reviews and analyses. Keep up the good work.