Appmon Episode 29: Buddies No More? Gatchmon Leaves Home!

In this episode, Gatchmon feels crowded out by Offmon’s arrival and runs away from home. Dokamon follows to manipulate Eri’s emotions and Musimon does it for the lolz. So… not the most convincing after-school special.

Appmon Episode 28: App Drive Duo! Offmon Appears!

In this episode, we learn how Yujin became an App Driver and a million red flags go off in our heads. It’s foreboding, it’s suspicious, and it’s ridiculously hilarious.

Appmon Episode 27: The Fifth App Driver!

In this episode, a new addition to the team and a new, imposing villain stand in the way of our heroes achieving everybody’s deepest ambition: beating the living stuffing out of Twitter.

Appmon Episode 26: I'm a Protagonist?! My First Meeting with Gatchmon!

In this episode, after Adventure stepped dangerously close to the line and Savers danced around it twice, Appmon smashes through completely and gives us a full-fledged insufferable recap. But at least the new opening’s a banger!

Digimon Universe App Monsters: Ending 2

In this episode, Appmon is at its spiritual halfway point! So let’s talk about other stuff.

Appmon Episode 25: Into the Deep Web at Last! The Mysterious Cyber Kowloon!

In this episode, to nobody’s surprise, throwing innocent children into the seediest part of Deep Web turns out to be a generally bad idea.

Appmon Episode 24: The Massive Cometmon's Attack?! Open the Door, Dantemon!

In this episode, all the noise over gathering the Seven Code Appmon comes to a head as the mighty Dantemon is summoned! He beats the monster of the week, sings a song, opens a door, and is promptly discarded.

Appmon Episode 23: Take Back the Seven Code Appmon! Ultimate Versus Ultimate!

In this episode, the App Drivers corner Mienumon to set up a climactic Ultimate v. Ultimates boss fight… eventually. But before they get to that, a million distractions that are way more entertaining!

Appmon Episode 22: Share Your Power With Me. The Meeting of Rei and Hackmon.

In this episode, let’s take timeout from last week’s critical cliffhanger to spend the entire time focusing on Rei nostalgically thinking back to the time he got the crap kicked out of him by an Appmon in a gimp suit.