Digimon Universe App Monsters: Ending 2

In this episode, Appmon is at its spiritual halfway point! So let’s talk about other stuff.

While the introduction to Deep Web offers many interesting potential directions for the show to go, not much has changed between the last checkpoint and this one. We’re through the Seven Code arc, another main boss is down, we’ve seen all of the kids have a moment of awesomeness, but we’re still waiting for the kind of sustained potential we’ve seen the show capable of in its peaks. By the 25th episode, Adventure was just starting to get interesting, and look where that ended up. The show has a few more strong cards to play. It would just be nice to play them more often.

The next post is for a full-on recap episode. There won’t be anything interesting to talk about, so we’ll be covering the second opening then. This is, shockingly, the first time in Digimon both the opening and ending changed at the same time (Savers didn’t change at the same time and Xros Wars didn’t have endings). Saves us an extra post… which it turns out we’re going to need!

We have a release date for the new Adventure movie in the US! It will be in theaters across the country on March 25, which means our March 26 date will be the review for it! It’ll be the subtitled version; assuming it gets a dub, we may or may not do a separate post for that. We did that for tri., but that was nice as it allowed us to process each part as a whole with a little bit of time and hindsight. That may not be necessary for Last Evolution Kizuna.

The bonus extras for the theatrical release also teased a trailer for a new Digimon series! More information as it develops, but since they’re showing it to American audiences that suggests that whatever it is will be accessible to American audiences sooner rather than later. There will be an episode of the With the Will podcast Saturday, January 25, so tune into that for my thoughts on that, and whatever else we get for Kizuna.

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Digimon Universe App Monsters Ending 2: Ai
It definitely looks and sounds like an anime ending theme, but the look fits more with a shoujo drama about a young woman trying to make it on her own while the music fits better in the middle of a series a lot more intense than Appmon! We’ll blow past the Eri photos that straddle that fine line between fun idol shots and male gaze.

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