Digimon Universe: App Monsters
Grade Point Average: 2.97

Opening 1 (Dive!)
Ending 1 (Aoi Honoo Syndrome)
Ending 2 (Ai)
Opening 2 (Gatchen)
Ending 3 (Little Pi)
Ending 4 (Perfect World)

Episode Title Grade
1 Search Result: Shinkai Haru! Gatchmon Appears! B
2 The Suspicious Travel Guide! Navimon I Am! C+
3 The Character I Leveled Up is Naked?! Ropuremon’s School Dungeon! B-
4 I’ll Get You and Your Disguise Too! Cameramon’s Halloween Scandal! B+
5 A Big Bang Punch Straight to Your Heart! Eri’s an Appmon Idol! B-
6 The Ultimate Restaurant Report! Dining App Perorimon! C
7 The Third App Drive! Torajiro is an Apptuber! C-
8 A So Not Groovy Disaster?! Astra's Funny Video Plan! C+
9 Aim for Number One! Appmon Championship in Cyber Arena! B
10 The Dream of All Appmon: The Legendary Seven Code Meetup! C+
11 Dive in to the Sea of the 'Net! Follow the Super Hacker, Rei! B-
12 Fighting Sakusimon: Let's Use a Super Applink To Smack Him Right Down! A-
13 Christmas Disappeared?! Date Thief Calendamon! C+
14 The City-Wide Puzzle Game?! Puzzlemon's Rampage! C-
15 You See the Whole Future?! The Mysterious Divinator, Tellermon! B
16 A Message From Across 'Time!' The Truth of the App Drives! B+
17 Eri's Copy-Pasted Everywhere? Restore the Dream Concert! C-
18 Haru and Yujin's Bond. Stop the Rampaging Resshamon! A
19 The Sea of the 'Net in Trouble! The 'Time' Has Come: Ultimate App Fusion! A-
20 Farewell, Astora?! Dreammon's Nightmare! B
21 The Road to be Top Idol! Coachmon's Brutal Training! B+
22 Share Your Power With Me. The Meeting of Rei and Hackmon. B+
23 Take Back the Seven Code Appmon! Ultimate Versus Ultimate! A-
24 The Massive Cometmon's Attack?! Open the Door, Dantemon! B
25 Into the Deep Web at Last! The Mysterious Cyber Kowloon! A-
26 I'm a Protagonist?! My First Meeting with Gatchmon! D
27 The Fifth App Driver! B+
28 App Drive Duo! Offmon Appears! B+
29 Buddies No More? Gatchmon Leaves Home! C
30 Dokamon in Love?! Dining App Maripero Attacks! D+
31 Travel Is About Companions?! Tripmon's Trip of Terror! C
32 Let's Draw Him Out Together! Offmon the Shut-in! B+
33 The Teen CEO! Unryuji Knight Appears! B
34 Thank You, Future! Welcome to the AI City! C+
35 Become One of the Nine Goddesses! The Appliyama 470 Elections! B
36 The Election Results! Evil's Clutches Reach for Eri! A
37 Attack! The Appmon Ultimate Four! B+
38 Take Back Gatchmon! Grandpa Deneimon's Test! A-
39 A New Power: The App Drive Duo! B
40 The Return of the Ultimate Four! Cloud's Challenge! B+
41 The Ultimate Clash! Globemon Versus Charismon! A-
42 Rei's Determination! The Plan to Take Back Hajime! A-
43 Wake Up, Sleepmon! Return of the Appmon Championship! B
44 Catch the Runaway Bootmon! B+
45 Collision?! Gatchmon Versus Agumon! B+
46 The Starry Sky Promise! The Great Astora Escape Plan! B
47 The Truth About Yujin B
48 Activate! Operation: Human Applications! A
49 The Miraculous Final Evolution! The God Appmon Descend! A
50 Bonds of Hope! Haru and Gaiamon!! A-
51 The Artificial Intelligence's Dream B+
52 Our Singularity A


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